SEMrush Tutorial & Review (2021) – How It Is Better Than Ahrefs?

It’s very difficult for newbie bloggers to make an impact on the search engine because the competition arises at the same time.

The winning game in blogging is to write unique quality content with an in-depth review of the blogging topic that provides value to the visitors. This article is based upon SEMrush that helps bloggers to reach potential visitors and increase their blog ranking on SERPs.

Creating search engine friendly content is the way to succeed in blogging. SEMrush is a tool that brings many ways to optimize your content for search engines. The question arises, how someone can do it without the help of an expensive SEO tool?

It’s possible, but you should read this complete article to get an idea that will bring more clearance to your question.

Pro bloggers never suggest an expensive tool to start blogging. Even, I don’t recommend it. Instead, use a free trial of expensive tools for the beginning in blogging.

You will be happy to know that by reading this article you will be able to perform several activities like keyword research, competition analysis, overall site audit, SEO check, and more with this amazing SEO tool (free trial available).

Yeah, that SEO tool is the Semrush where you will get a 7-day free trial on your first signup. We will also discuss the pricing later.

Semrush Amazing Features – 12 Specialty Tools:

– Site auditing

– On-page SEO Check

– Position Tracking

– Organic Traffic Insights

– Backlink Auditing tool

– Brand monitoring and Analysing

– PPC Keyword Support tool

– Social Media Tracker

– Social Media Poster

– Link Building Tool

– Ad Building

How’s the SEMrush with all the amazing features? You will get an action plan ready for your blog to make it to the next level.

Let’s start with the step-by-step guide of this SEMrush tutorial.

What is SEMrush? (Advance Semrush Tutorial)

SEMrush is founded on 3 August 2008 by Dmitry Melnikov and Oleg Shchegolev in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It is a software as a service (SaaS) company.

In the initial days, this tool was known to find keywords and backlink audit reports. But slowly it developed and offer 12 different tools for your website success in SERP.

Pro bloggers are using the SEMrush tool for their online business success. SEMrush is known for its data accuracy.

Sound good to you?

Activate 7 Days Free Trial

How SEMrush fetch data?

When using a SEMrush tool, you can see how it collects data and shows it to you in an informative way.

Click on this link to get your free 7-day trial

SEMrush pulls data in 2 ways:

1. Direct from the search bar: You can pull data by submitting your website URL in the search bar. It will display your website authority score, keyword list, competitors, and much more.

2. Create a Project and pull data: The second way to fetch data is by creating a project. I will explain each step later in this article.

How to Use SEMrush?

SEMrush has more features than other SEO tools. If you use it the right way, then it wouldn’t difficult to use this tool.

I will also share the shortcuts method to use the SEMrush tool. Stay tuned with this blog.

Activate Your SEMrush Free Trial

The next move is to click on Sign Up Button in the

  • Save

Then you will redirect to the below page to fill your email and password.

  • Save

Put your information and hit the green button above then SEMrush will send you a verification email. Click on the Confirm-eMail then you will redirect to the SEMrush home page.

  • Save

Now you will have access to the free SEMrush tool for 7 days.

  • Save

Click here to Activate SEMrush Free Trial

It is very easy to use the SEMrush tool. Like every other tool, it has also a dashboard view where it shows the current statistics of the selected project.

To start, you have to add a project by clicking on create my first project. Add your domain name to complete this step. Your every change will be shown under this project.

Create a new project under the left section of the menu bar and start your project journey in the SEMrush tool.

  • Save

You will see a pop up next where you will fill your domain and project name and hit the create project button.

  • Save

As soon as you click on “Create Project” the SEMrush tool will redirect to the dashboard of this tool. Where you will see:

  • Semrush traffic analytics
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Marketing Insights, PPC Keyword tool, and more!
  • Save

The first 3 are very important to scan for your website.

  1. Site Audit
  2. Position Tracking
  3. On-Page SEO Checker

Fill the required information to get the above 3 reports for your website.

Activate 7 Day Free Trial

Semrush Dashboard Overview

Site Audit: It performs a detailed analysis report about your website and comes up with an actionable SEO report.

Position Tracking: Position tracking check your website traffic and compare each keyword with the target URL to create a position tracking report.

On-Page SEO Checker: This tool will check on-page optimization factors for the target URL corresponding to each keyword. It will show the required action to take on the on-page of target URLs.

Social Media Tracker: SEMrush also has a tool for social media marketers where you can see your social media page likes, followers, content, and marketing campaign in one place.

Brand Monitoring: From this tool, you can see your competitor branding and mentions online. It can also check the competitor is a website or a social media profile.

Notes: You can see SEO updates about your website in the Notes section. SEMrush care about your website SEO. It automatically updates SEO notes.

SEMrush Sensor: SEM checks the volatility of SERP when a new algorithm update comes from Google. It shows your site is affected or not from the algorithm update.

Backlink Audit: Backlinks are the second most important term after the On-page SEO. SEMrush tool automatically checks the harmful backlinks to rescue your website.

Organic Traffic Insight: This tool carries data from Google Analytics including average data session, bounce rate, ranked keywords, error, and so on. It also shows you the keywords that are not mentioned on your profile.

Display Advertising Tool: This tool shows you the banner and ads you are currently running for your domain. You can also spy your competitor’s advertisement display and strategies.


Hope you liked this SEMrush tutorial & Review. If you have any query you can comment down below.

Stay connected and don’t forget to share this article.

Good Luck!

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