How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche (+10 Blog Niche Examples)

Have you ever considered creating a blog but have delayed your decision because you did not know what would be the best topic to start a blog or did not know how to find a profitable market niche?

Or do you have so many ideas for blogging that you don’t know which one is the best?

When we make the decision to create a blog, whether personal or corporate, it is essential to be very clear about what we are going to talk about and select our niche before launching it.

It may sounds very simple, but in reality it is not. We must also take into account the reason why we created the blog.

What is a Niche?

Before starting a blog, you should know about niche marketing.

A Niche Market is generally classified as a group of people with the same interest. It is the segment of large market that can be defined by its own unique needs and preferences.

For example: Fitness, weight loss, gaming, health, real estate, retirement, dating are all different niche with specific target audience.

What to Consider Before Choosing the Niches?

Possibly at this moment you have many ideas of which several seem good and it is very difficult for you to choose, since none ends up convincing you.

It is normal that you do not know which of those ideas is the most appropriate. Running a blog in a professional way is a lot of work.

Choosing your niche correctly can mean the difference between the success and failure of your blog.

The first step before setting up a blog is to be clear about what you are going to talk about: make the choice of your niche. This is often not easy and you are looking for a series of premises to be met.

Generate Income: If your intention is to earn money with your blog, surely you have thought of a very profitable niche whose products or advertising leave a good income.

Monthly Searches: Very related to the previous point and especially if your strategy is going to be based on web positioning, you will look for a niche with which you can get a good volume of traffic. When it comes to improving the positioning, the market niche is very important to attract the traffic.

Create Community: If your objective is to create a community around your brand or a specific theme, it is obviously not incompatible with generating income and improving positioning. But the important thing is to create content that you like and that enchant your target audience.

So that you can share it with the rest. Logically you will talk about something that other people may like.

What Type of Niche Can You Choose?

We cannot define your niche exactly (each case is different), but we can divide them into three large groups that may make your task easier.

What are you good at? What are your best skills? What are you specialized in?

Ask yourself: what do I want to achieve with my blog?

Seeing the above motivations, when we talk about choosing a niche, we can differentiate between three main types:

Monetary Niches

It is well known that there are many topics on the Internet that are very profitable for monetization.

For example, the master’s and training sector or finance and the economy in general have very good CPCs to exploit them through ad systems such as AdSense.

Others such as recipes, diets or exercise have a large volume of searches. So if you manage to position yourself, you ensure high traffic to be able to monetize.

Finally, there are highly demanded products such as technology products that also have a high volume of searches.

Hobby Niches

We all have some passion and hobbies: something that moves us especially. Why not share it with the rest of the world?

You don’t care about money: what you want is to share your great hobbies with the readers. It doesn’t matter if what you are passionate about is movies, music, boxing or travel.

A blog can help you reach the people you love and share that passion with you.

Personal Brand

A blog related to your work, professional activity or profession can help you enhance your image and personal brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, model, graphic designer or businessman: a blog can always help you to strengthen your personal brand.

You are clear that the Internet can help you improve your image as a professional. Therefore, you decide to set up a blog related to the sector in which you work.

Best of all, many times working on your personal brand can be related to the previous point if you have the job you have always wanted.

What Would be the Perfect Niche?

As you can see, depending on the objectives you are pursuing, you will have to choose one specific niche or another.

But, what is the best niche?

Perhaps a mix of the above three points would be ideal. Of course, the three points are compatible and do not always have to go separately.

It is a niche that you can monetize either through info products, affiliates or even offering services. At the same time, it allows you to work on your personal brand since you are a professional who is dedicated to this topic.

And it is the job you have always wanted. But, finding the perfect niche depends on your goals.

Before continuing, it is important that you know that the choice of your market niche is something very important.

Therefore, you must make that choice conscientiously and with maximum security. Therefore, take as much time as necessary.

Conclusion: Convert Your Ideas!

There are many niche markets within which you can define the theme for your blog. For example:

  • Recipes,
  • Sports,
  • Gossip and shows,
  • Finance,
  • Interior decoration,
  • Parties and social events,
  • Marketing,
  • Health & Wellness,
  • Physical training, etc.

These are very generic niches. It is why you must go further if you want to find your place in the network.

If your blog is about food, maybe you can specialize in vegetarian food or natural juice recipes and offer courses to prepare delicious but healthy recipes.

Or, if you are a person who loves social events perhaps you can see the possibility of creating a blog for weddings and offer services as an organizer of themed weddings that suit different budgets. These are just some ideas.

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