Top 50+ Free Blog Submission Sites List 2021 (High DA PA)

Getting backlinks is not an easy job these days. We have to follow the Google guidelines to get backlinks to our blog.

It’s easy to start a new blog but getting backlinks is very crucial work. Quality content and backlinks both creates the authority of your blog in SERP.

So, you want to get backlinks to your blog? In this article, I will share a list of free blog submission sites list in which you can submit your blog to get referral traffic and high-quality backlinks.

Benefits of Submitting Blog on Blog Submission Sites

Firstly, It will help you to promote your new blog on high authority sites.

Secondly, you will get backlinks from high-quality websites.

After submitting your blog on these free blog submission sites, your keyword ranking will also improve on SERP. Moreover, your blog will gain high PA and DA score.

Newbie bloggers always make a mistake of not submitting their blog in these blog submission sites. That’s why their blog doesn’t get traffic in initial days.

I highly recommend submitting your blog on these free blog submission sites to improve organic traffic.

What are Blog Submission Sites?

Blog submission sites allow you to submit your blog for free. When submitting a blog in these sites, you need to submit the following details:

  • Title of your blog
  • URL of your blog
  • Description of your blog
  • Keywords of your blog

Your blog will start getting traffic from these sites, which increase your blog ranking in SERP. These backlinks will also increase your blog domain authority and improves the Alexa rank.

Make sure to submit your blog on high DA blog submission sites. Because, if you will submit your blog in lower DA sites, then you will get a penalty from Google.

So, I suggest you submit your blog to sites that have 30 or high DA scores. You can check the PA and DA scores on Moz DA Checker.

70 High DA & PA Blog Submission Sites List 2021

Blog Submission Site URLs

What is the Blog Submission Process?

Don’t worry, it’s very simple and easy to submit your blog on these blog submission sites also called blog directories.

Open the directory URL in the web browser and read it’s submission guidelines. You need to sign up on these sites to submit your blog. Some of the sites don’t need to sign up process, you can directly submit your blog.

Get ready with your Blog Title, URL, Description, and Keywords.

Submit all the required detail and confirm your submission by clicking on the link sent by email.

Your submission will go pending and will be added after some days in the blog submission sites whereas some of the sites will give you an instant live listing.

Fast way to Submit Your Blog on Blog Directories (Pro Tip)

Let me share a pro tip with you in which you can open multiple websites on the web browser and submit your blog details in a one go.

Keep your blog information ready on a notepad, which includes title, URL, description, and keywords of your blog.

Open multiple websites on a web browser and sign up on all the blog directories. Copy and paste all the information from the notepad to the required field of every website.

Finally, submit your blog and verify the link sent to your email.

Hurry! You have submitted your blog in a few minutes on multiple sites.

Over to You

I hope this article will be helpful to you. I have included the entire free top blog submission sites list, which will help you to get high-quality backlinks to your blog.

So, what you are waiting for? Start creating backlinks to your new blog to increase your website traffic and ranking in SERP.

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Good Luck!

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